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BeyondLanguageLearning_logo_lightblue_512px_jpgWelcome to Beyond Language Learning!

Most language learning blogs are focused on how to go about learning languages in the world as it is today, making do with what’s available.

Beyond Language Learning is about building a world where, as much as it is possible, language learning at any age is effortless, fast, and fun, leads to native-like levels of fluency, and can happen while enjoying and learning many other things.

This blog advocates for more research on language learning, especially on areas that have not received much attention, like controlling for the differences between typical adult and child second language learning.

It also advocates for better language learning opportunities, especially for comprehensible input, which is lacking for adult beginners in particular, even though experts widely agree that it is essential for language learning.

This blog also looks at language learning approaches and techniques that might help adults effortlessly approach native-like fluency in second languages.

It has focused in particular on Automatic Language Growth, a theory and method that claims that given the right opportunities and approach, the average adult can effortlessly learn new languages to near-native or even native-like levels of ability.

The ALG approach has been applied in a number of programs, mainly the AUA Thai Program.

I also discuss my own experiences with language learning and using ALG techniques such as Crosstalk.

While focusing on a future where language learning is effortless and leads to very high levels of ability, this blog also endeavors to share information and resources to give ways for language learners to move toward this kind of learning today.

If you’re also interested in a world where language learning can be as effortless and effective as possible, I want to hear from you. Leave comments and get in touch! Also, please follow this blog, link to it, and share those posts that you find interesting or helpful.

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