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Creating the future of language learning together

Beyond Language Learning is consulting and working with people and entities involved in language teaching and learning, ranging from individuals such as researchers, teachers, and artists, to programs, companies, and other organizations.

Our goals are to advance and apply research and create better opportunities for people to acquire languages, while having fun doing, learning, and experiencing many things.

Together, we’re doing things with language acquisition that no one has done before.

How can Beyond Language Learning help you?

Today, interest is greater than ever in what’s known as comprehension-based language learning: picking up languages by listening and gaining understanding through interesting content and experiences.

Part of this growing interest comes from a desire to get away from “traditional” language teaching that’s based on conscious study and practice as more and more people realize how ineffective it is.

But while there are many endeavours that are attempting more natural, brain-friendly approaches to language acquisition in a variety of contexts, they often lack a clear idea of how to do so.

Many of these language projects have brought together the talents and dedication of many people, yet are missing critical knowledge on second language acquisition.

They often lack understanding of even fundamental concepts like comprehensible input, and lack expertise even on basic things such as how to make content in a language that’s both highly understandable and interesting to those who don’t know that language.

These gaps in knowledge and expertise can lead to huge amounts of effort going to waste, and an end product that is far less effective than it could have been.

Beyond Language Learning brings the knowledge and expertise to fill these gaps, working with people and projects to together see a bigger picture and chart better ways forward.

The author draws on his knowledge and experience from a decade of research on second language acquisition and comprehensible input, which includes successful approaches that are not widely known but have great potential such as Automatic Language Growth and Crosstalk.

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