Crosstalk: A Different Language Exchange Method

If you’ve ever done language exchanges, they’ve probably gone something like this: You and your language partner spend half the time speaking your language so they can practice it, and half the time speaking their language so you can practice it.

You may ask each other questions about the languages you are learning and offer each other corrections.

Crosstalk turns all this on its head.

With Crosstalk, each person speaks their own language the whole time so that they hear the language they are learning the whole time.

Each person uses non-verbal communication as needed to make themselves understood, and less and less is needed over time as each person’s understanding of the other’s language grows.

Instead of trying to study and practice each other’s language, you just enjoy communicating about what interests you, and you pick up the language in the process without trying.

Crosstalk is actually much more than just a language exchange activity.

It’s a way for people from different linguistic backgrounds to overcome language barriers and communicate and connect.

It’s a language acquisition method that can have even adults effortlessly pick up new languages, giving them the basis to reach advanced, and perhaps even nativelike, levels of fluency and ability.

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