What are you doing reading this blog?

Beyond Language Learning viewsOver the past year I’ve observed from the stats for Beyond Language Learning how people all over the world are visiting and reading this blog.

Not surprisingly, major English-speaking countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom top the list for number of views.

Many readers also come from Thailand, almost certainly because I write a lot about the unique AUA Thai Program and the Automatic Language Growth approach it uses to teach Thai.

South Korea stands out as another country that I get a lot of views from consistently.

Occasionally I will see many views from less expected and far-flung places like Angola or Uzbekistan.

Wherever you are reading this from, I wonder what brings you to this blog.

Are you looking for better ways to learn languages, or better ways to teach them?

Are you someone who didn’t have the chance to learn another language as a child, and wonder how you might be able to learn another language as an adult to a very high or even native-like level, or whether this is even possible?

Are you curious about natural approaches like Automatic Language Growth that are based on picking up languages through listening to comprehensible input without study?

Have any of these writings inspired you to do something, like try to use an approach such as ALG to acquire a language?

Are you excited about the possibilities that this blog suggests, like picking up languages effortlessly through great real-life experiences, but are frustrated that the opportunities aren’t easily available and that they can be difficult to create on your own?

Have you attended a program like AUA Thai or had other opportunities to pick up a language as an adult through a natural approach or a great immersion experience, and want to learn more about it, and perhaps make such experiences available to more people?

Do you think the ideas on this blog are wrong, misguided, crazy, or even dangerous?

Whatever your opinion or experience, please get in touch and share!

Leave your comments on this site, or send a note through the contact page.

You can also like Beyond Language Learning on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and subscribe to the YouTube channel, watch the videos, and comment there.

Finally, if you have your own blog or website, consider linking to this blog or posts that you think might be interesting to your readers.

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